Tova + Avremy

My first wedding in Australia! 

I flew to Sydney for it - so worth it!

I love a quick Sydney visit, especially when your hosts are as great as mine. It was definitely beach weather, not so much suit weather. But suits came in their droves, and they all got sweaty, breaking it down on the dance-floor. 

I knew from the moment I met Tova + Avremy that this wedding would be a blast! Even Le Montage's Manager  said she's never had a wedding like it, I asked her 'surely you've had a Jewish wedding here before?' she said 'we have, but nothing like this one, there were 3 people on each others shoulders!'.

There were many magical moments captured,  for me watching Tova dance with her grandma, is something I wish I could have done at my wedding.

It was a real honour being there 'bottling up' these special moments with such special families.