Moishe & Leah

Benc, my youngest brother, will soon be in Australia visiting me, well not really me, mainly Moishe. All I can take credit for is getting Moishe drunk at Benc's Bar-Mitzvah. His first time getting drunk. Not that I want to take credit for it but I think that really solidified their relationship. 

Fast Forward eight years. Moishe is about to become my brother in law. In just over a week, Moishe will be getting married to my wife's younger sister, her bestie Leah. This will leave me in a predicament, one that I am looking forward to, getting him hammered quite a few more times during this lifetime.

Slowly getting to know Melbourne, living in the 'most livable city', we strolled through a small gem, to the place where these two lovebirds are going to wed, and Moishe will be smashing the glass, this time not down his mouth.